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Lincoln County Fairbook 2022

TimberCreek Graphics (TCG) has been publishing the Lincoln County Fairbook since 2017. Our goal each year has been to enhance the publication for the reader and the advertiser.  This year we are making available the "Ad Order Form" in hopes of simplifying the ad creation / purchasing process. This year TCG has also taken the reigns in working with the advertisers directly. We understand that no one enjoys getting cold calls (me being one of them), but we feel having that 'one to one' contact is the most effective way of getting your ad in our publication.

Ad Size Options

Small Ad

Size: 3.08"x2.03"
image of booklet showing a small sized ad

Quarter Page

Size: 7.5"x2.15"

Half Page

Size: 7.5"x4.5"

Full Page

Full Bleed
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picture of the 2021 Lincoln County Fairbook Cover

Ad Requirements

Color Space: CYMK
Size: as noted in your selection
Resolution: 300 dpi
Full page ads:  0.125" bleed

Ad Submission deadline:
April 15, 2022

Make Contact

If you have any questions or need to contact us, we can be reached at 407.340.3310 or [email protected]

Lincoln County Fairbook Roadmap

Complete Lincoln County Fairbook 2022
(to be ready 'no later than' June 1st. A digital version of the publication will also be available)
Update the Lincoln County Fair Website
Update Design and Content
Throughout 2022
Add property rental functionality
Add the option for to advertise within the Fairbook and the Website.
Tie into social media platforms
Improve SEO