Costich Neighbors,
Who would have thought something as simple as getting our main roadway repaired would be so difficult.

Current road repair plan #1
Kenny Peterson will grade Costich Lake Road up to and just past the Y of Bernhard Hill Lane.
Following Kenny would be Koocanusa Sand and Gravel, dumping 3/4" crush and compacting it to somewhat future proof potholes.
Plus the cost of adding speed bumps at prime locations
Price: Aprox. $415 per family, plus the cost of the speed bumps (more information below regarding speed bumps)

It is obvious what the positive result would be with the repair plan above. Here is the negative:
Speeding and reckless driving. I have talked to several families recently and in the past, sharing stories about reckless driving, near misses and witnessing individuals speeding down Costich Lake Road at EXCESSIVE speeds. This topic is of SERIOUS concern with many of the families in the neighborhood.

Road repair plan #2
Some of the neighbors at the entrance of Costich Lake Road will fill the existing potholes with gravel. We will also place speed bumps at prime locations to address the speeding issue. The speed bumps will also minimize the dust kickup on several homes. This may not be an issue with individuals not effected, but it is an issue, and would be nice to have the respect of the rest of the neighborhood dealing with it.
The cost of the gravel and the installation of the speed bumps will be incurred by the neighborhood. 
I realize the speed bump installation will ruffle some feathers, but ruffled feathers are far more acceptable than the alternative. I am sure you would all agree.

So #1 or #2 
(or at least this will start the conversation where all the cards are on the table)


Rob Good.